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The tub floats nicely in the space and you can enjoy the views. Adding tall storage with an oversized vanity answered the request for more storage.

Liberate Your Bathroom

Many older bathrooms follow the conventional approach, and clients wish lists often sound the same. There is usually a shower stall and a corner tub, lack of storage and a full wall mirror. The term “shower stall” often conjures a utilitarian, single-person spot meant for one thing: getting clean. The corner tub has often not been used for years. The vanity doesn’t have enough storage and the full height mirror is a cleaning nightmare. The wish-list is usually the same and consists of removing the oversized corner tub, adding a larger shower, and more storage please.

If you don’t want a cookie-cutter bathroom, give it a twist and custom it to your needs, like these home owners. For the optimum spa-like experience, consider a his and hers, curb-less double shower, and freestanding tub. Taking a couple’s shower sound spontaneous and romantic OR is it a practical necessity? In a household where you both need to get ready for work at the same time, practicality wins over. However without a doubt, one of the key benefits of a double shower is being able to enjoy a spa-like experience in your own home.

Curb-less showers take a good deal of planning in order to pull them off effectively with drainage and waterproof surfaces that meet the glass. The spacious dual shower has a seamless transition, from bathroom floor to shower floor. The slope of the entrance is framed out with an industrial-style black metal glass partition and black hardware for an understated look.

We were really happy with the designs they came back with and in the end it turned out amazing. The designs Laura & Frankie put together were functional, look great and incorporated the things we were looking for. We get lots of compliments from guests on how it both feels ‘homey’ but also comfortable and trendy. Pictures of the kitchen and bathrooms were also submitted and won a number of design awards, which I think is pretty impressive and speaks to the design work. We would highly recommend Square Footage!